Changing Seasons - The Migration Continues

Saturday marks the first day of Spring and while this may or may not have an effect on the actual climate here in Melbourne it’s nice to think that hope is in sight. It also marks the second announcement of Black Coffee’s Seasonal Migration - a regular rotation of some of our favourite venues in key locations.

Beginning this weekend Black Coffee will return to Richmond’s macaron masters La Belle Miette on every 1st Saturday of the month. And for a limited time, Pop Craft will be operating their luxurious fibres pop-up in the store adjacent.

Black Coffee will continue to visit the Duchess of Spotswood every second Saturday of the month. Watch this space for further announcements.


De-Parts & Crafts

We’re sad to say one of our favourite pals & venues is calling it quits. This Saturday is your last chance to check out the fine indie/art publications at Parts & Crafts Autozine and grab a tasty brew while you’re there.

Black Coffee @ no fixed address - NtBd Studio Launch

Saturday July 21 2012


8a Atkin St, North Melbourne (off Queensberry St between Errol St and Curzon St)




1840s Wet plate photography demo with portraits developed on the spot IN COFFEE!

Until recently, this warehouse on the bluestone backstreets of North Melbourne housed three creative, motivated dudes and a whole bunch of junk. But in a surge of Autumnal inspiration the boys have cleaned, cleared, pasted and painted in order to relaunch NtBd (Not Bad) Studios this Saturday.

Housing a photographer, a graphic designer and a motorbike fanatic, NtBd is a creative space to enable the boys’ professional and DIY passions, interests and then some. The NtBd warehouse comprises a motorbike workshop, a photography studio and a live music rehearsal room along with a comfy couple of couches to perch while you appreciate our percolations.

Motorcycles will be on display along with the work of resident photographer Ben Clement and Mathew Kovacs will be demonstrating ancient analog photography techniques by taking portraits and developing directly on tin using coffee and orange juice.



No milk, no sugar, no accessories, accoutrements or embellishments and definitely no espresso. This is the message of Melbourne missionaries: Black Coffee – a malleable, manoeuvrable syndicate of specialist baristas soon to be brewing in Brisbane.

For the first weekend in August Bunker Coffee, Milton forsake the formula, forego the flat whites and serve only the purest potations for punters and purists alike.

Employing anything but the ubiquitous espresso machine, from the unassuming AeroPress to the audacious siphon, Black Coffee will showcase single origin offerings from Melbourne and Brisbane’s top micro-roasters.

Black Coffee Brisbane

August 4 & 5, 2012

Bunker Coffee

21 Railway Tce, Milton

Hours of operation:

Saturday August 4 – 9am to 5pm

Sunday August 5 -  10am to 4pm


Seasonal Migration

Over the last four months and nearly twenty events already this year Black Coffee has been touring the cities and the towns and treading water under the no fixed address banner. Seasonal Migration will see us settle down a little, forsaking the haphazard candle-in-the-wind approach for a more stable rotation of venues on a monthly roster.

The Duchess of Spotswood will be the first venue to host Black Coffee on a monthly basis, beginning this Saturday and every second Saturday of the months to follow. Future monthly venues will be announced shortly.

While this doesn’t mean Black Coffee will abandon mobility entirely - we will still be making special appearances outside this roster as the come - it does mean we can start looking further forward, increasing web content, retail offerings, education, interstate appearances and competitions.


Within 8 hours of its announcement Black Coffee’s offering at Laneway Learning has sold out! If we ever needed assurance that expanding into education was the way to go, we just got it!

Hoping eventually to offer everything from online brew guides, to talks, to hands on demonstrations for groups, individuals and even consulting for businesses the Black Coffee education department is dedicated to accessible, affordable education and information for all.

Watch this space for education updates:

or enquire at


After four solid months and over 20 events from art exhibitions to pop-up restaurants, from country Victoria to Sydney city, Black Coffee is taking a step back to take a step forward. So while it may seem a little quiet for now, rest assured that the cogs are turning behind the scenes.

In the next month Black Coffee will relaunch Saturday events on a regular rotation. We’ll be revisiting some of our favourite venues, making us easier to find and incorporate into your weekend routine. This will allow us to focus on the coffee and the customer rather than the  venue or the event.

Consistent venue rotation will also allow for growth in education, webstore, blog and video content as well as bigger and better events, promotions and competitions.

Since inception in August 2011, Black Coffee has established itself as more than a flash-in-the-pan pop-up. Black Coffee is a concept, a culture and a resource ultimately aiming to empower and emancipate consumers, breaking down communication barriers from farm to cup.

@ no fixed address #17

Black Coffee @ no fixed address #17

Postcards from Paradise

Saturday June 16 4pm - Manual Coffee Brewing Workshop

@ Enacasa

6 Bond St Talbot, Victoria

contact to book

Sunday June 17 9am - 1pm - Serving Black Coffee

@ Bryce’s Bistro (London House)

2pm - 5pm - Open House Brewing

@ Enacasa

For nearly a year Black Coffee has been sharing it’s specialty coffee secrets with urbanites from inner city Melbourne and even Sydney, so it’s about time we went regional.

Thanks to Enacasa and Bryce’s Bistrot we’ll sharing and serving this weekend in the shadow of the Pyrenees Ranges.

With a bespoke farmers’ market on Sunday, Talbot is well worth the day trip from Melbourne and surrounds but for those who can’t make it we’ll be tweeting, uploading and instagramming all the while.


Facebook: Enacasa Country Accommodation

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@ no fixed address #16

Black Coffee @ no fixed address #16

Autumn Grey

Saturday June 9 2012


@ The Colour Grey

461 St Georges Rd, Thornbury (cnr with Harold St - 112 Tram, next stop after KFC/Normanby Ave).

Autumnal art as winter starts

As the mercury drops, the romance of autumn is replaced with the lonesome bitterness of winter. But just as the chills of winter can isolate, so too can they bring together friends and strangers in circumstances such as this. For one saturday The Colour Grey studio/shopfront will become a gallery hosting ethereal artwork by Noni Simmons accompanied by elegant cups of Black Coffee.


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Works by Noni Simmons

Curated by Sophie Rowe

1580 is a visual discussion about universal experience, dance music, flowers and the autumnal landscape of Victoria, Australia. Mixed media, in hues of grey and yellow will cover the walls of converted shopfront of The Colour Grey studios, and create a new landscape inspired by the writings of Michel De Montaigne and Raymond Carver.

This is a very temporary experience, only open to the public twice this June.

Wednesday 6th from 12 noon

Opening Drinks 6pm-8pm

& Saturday 9th


Featuring Black Coffee


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